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Premises liability or "slip and fall" caseS

Premise liability cases can be extremely complicated and difficult to prove. They require dedicated attention, especially in the days and weeks immediately following the incident, to ensure evidence is gathered and preserved. In a premise liability case, the Plaintiff (aka "you") are required to prove that the premise occupier was negligent in keeping the premises reasonably safe for those on or entering the premises. A business owner typically owes a general duty to its business guests (or "invitees" as the law classifies them) to discover, correct, and/or warn of hazards that would be reasonably foreseen as endangering the invitee. Robertson v. Sixpense Inns of America, Inc., 163 Ariz. 539, 544 (1990).

High Country Law will quickly evaluate your slip and fall claim/injury and give you an honest, straight-forward evaluation of the risks and strengths of your case. If we pursue your case, High Country Law will work to gather critical evidence early on (and ensure the business does not destroy evidence in its possession) and fight for your rights with insurance adjusters and opposing attorneys all along the way.

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