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Arizona Dog Bite Attorney

If you've been bit by a dog, the trauma and scarring (both physically and emotionally) can affect you for years to come. In addition, you may need to get plastic surgery or have laser treatment performed to remove any unsightly puncture wounds or ugly, embarrassing scarring, especially on your face, bikini area, arms, or legs.

High Country Law will work with you to gather the needed evidence and aid you in seeking adequate recovery from the dog/property owner for your medical bills, pain/suffering, lost wages, plastic surgery, or other future care necessary to make you whole.

When filing an insurance claim for a dog bite injury, an attorney can protect your rights and interests. Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the results you deserve, rather than the insurance company attempting to get you to accept as little as possible. In addition to gathering the necessary evidence to support your claim, your Arizona dog bite attorney can protect you from the tactics insurers use to devalue your claim. If settlement negotiations do not work, your attorney can represent you at trial instead.

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